Beth Maynor Young

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Beth Maynor Young is an accomplished conservation photographer who has spent much of her life chronicling the natural beauty and remnant wild places of the contemporary South. The photographs are mostly from unprotected places - each with its own story of biological compromise and imminent threat. But these places also embrace a Southern tradition - of being saved and preserved, of restoration and resurrection.

In 2012, Beth earned her real estate license and is currently working with her son Spence Maynor at Cyprus Partners where they are selling some very unique tracts of land to good stewards. Since most of the lands of Alabama are in the hands of private land owners, they play an important role in helping to conserve our natural places. Now Beth has the opportunity to affect conservation through land sales and she couldn't be happier

After many years of canoeing and photographing the rivers of Alabama the book, Headwaters: A Journey on Alabama Rivers, written by John Hall was published by the University of Alabama Press in 2009. It was produced to support the efforts of the many river groups in Alabama.

Longleaf: Far as the Eye Can See is her newest book, written by Bill Finch and Rhett Johnson with help from John Hall. It was produced to support the efforts of the Longleaf Alliance. Published through the University of North Carolina Press, it will be available October 1, 2012.

Beth's fine art photographs are part of many private and corporate art collections across the country. Her renown and popularity is a testament to the caliber of her work. Today, Beth's photographs give us a moving vision of the natural world and speak quietly yet deeply of our need to preserve the South's unique environmental heritage.