About Beth Young

For many years I have worked as a conservation photographer in Alabama. A few years ago I earned a real estate license and joined Cyprus Partners. Wish I had done this ten years ago. I love exploring land - and there are some beautiful places - many I am working with Mark Bailey to save.

Canvas Photographs

Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge

Large photographs from my new printer are appearing everywhere. This one, 32 x 89 inches is in the conference room of Clarus Consulting. You will see new photography of Grass Lands at the headquarters of Cracker Barrel in Lebanon, TN; by the elevators at Sloss Realty, in the meeting rooms of Protective Life and the Lakeshore branch of National Bank of Commerce.

This photograph is from Natural Bridge, a very unique longleaf property for sale that Mark Bailey and I are working to place with a good conservation buyer. At least someone who will keep burning it and maybe add some woodpeckers.