Headwaters: A Journey on Alabama Rivers


Headwaters: A Journey on Alabama Rivers
Headwaters: A Journey on Alabama Rivers














Headwaters: A Journey on Alabama Rivers, is the story of Alabama told by master story-teller John C. Hall, with photographs of Alabama’s rivers by conservation photographer Beth Maynor Young.

This book has been a long time in the making, Robin McDonald did a remarkable job uniting the story and the photographs into an extraordinary piece of work. The foreword by Rick Middleton, the Director of the Southern Environmental Law Center is very insightful. Headwaters is a very elegant and beautiful statement about Alabama. We are now one of the few states to have a book about our rivers.

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Book Projects

al_hurricane-creekimg_4563.jpgHeadwaters: A Journey on Alabama Rivers.  This is the  title for a book that has involved camping on many river banks in some beautiful places in Alabama. John C. Hall  has written a remarkable story  of Alabama from the ancient geology to the value of the biodiversity that exists in the waters of this state. It is a story told with science, history and humor as only a true story teller can do. The University of Alabama Press will publish this book in the Spring of 2009. Our hope is the book will be used a conservation tool to identify many of the valuable unprotected natural assets in Alabama  in order to move toward protection. You can pre-order this book on  line at http://www.kingfishereditions.com/headwaters.php     ga_longleaf-plantation-0119.jpg  Longleaf Pine: The Fire Foresthttp://www.kingfishereditions.com/galleries/Longleaf/  Rhett Johnson is the co-founder of the Longleaf Alliance and has recently retired as Director of the Solon Dixon Center. He and I are collaborating on a book on the Longleaf Forest to support the efforts of the Longleaf Alliance. The longleaf forest is the most diverse ecosystem in North America, second only to the rain forest. It is said that the longleaf forest without fire is like the rainforest without rain. The Longleaf Alliance has an ambitious restoration plan for the Longleaf forest in the South. We have just begun photography on this project and hope to raise enough funds to have the photography completed by January 2009. If you are interested in being a part of this project with financial support I would be thrilled to come talk with you. Just send an email to beth@bethyoung.net or call 205-969-1800.


Alabama Museum of Natural History in Tuscaloosa

will have an exhibit on Headwaters beginning April 23 through August 2009.

Please come see this wonderful museum and the exhibit. You can purchase the photographs off the wall to benefit the Muesum.

•Alabama Rivers Alliance Conservation Photography exhibit is on-line




Sale of these photographs will benefit the Alabama Rivers Alliance.

It will be available at the Lite Box Gallery at the Dr Pepper complex June 11th.

McWane Science Center
Birmngham February – August 2007 through present
Southeastern Wetlands: Our Natural Treasure
This exhibit was quite powerful; as you left the Imax showing of Hurricane on the Bayou, you walked right into the exhibit on Southeastern Wetlands…which is home. I worked with Kevin McGuire on this exhibit, whose tallents for display and organization are amazing. It was a true pleasure.

The Maralyn Wilson Gallery
October 5 thru November 6, 2007
Opening 5 to 8pm Oct 5th _Please Come to the reception.
Wine tasting by International Wines and New work by Frank Fleming.
3908 Clairmont Avenue
Birmingham, AL 35222

How about some really large photographs of special places in Alabama. These are mostly new works with a few old favorites. It is really impressive to see the texture and life of Alabama displayed in a gallery format.

Big Leaf Magnolia
The LimeTree Gallery
Oct 4th thru 14th
2840 Vista Road
Decatur, GA 30033
My friend Michael Cure makes these amazing frames made from twigs. He and I will be showing at the Lime Tree Gallery Oc t4th. To view some of these amazing frames click here.

Montgomery Museum of Fine Art
May 17 – July 8, 2007
Rivers Run Through It
The Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts has a truy wonderful photography gallery. My good friend Michael Panhorst is the Curator of Art for the Museum. He has a series of photography exhibits by people from Alabama that will continue to show in this great gallery for a few more months.

Alabama State Council on the Arts Gallery
Alabama Originals: A sense of Place
May 15 – July 10, 2007
This exhibit had about twenty artists from around Alabama. It was truly an inspired exhibit curated by Georgine Clark.